Open-Source Java Object-Orientated Database 
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Tiger Objectbase is a replacement for traditional relational databases.
What sets Tiger Objectbase apart from other databases is the harnessing of Java's ability to serialize virtually any object data to disk.
What this means for Java developers who use Tiger, is that any object they design has the potential to be stored in a database - no-longer are you stuck with the standard database datatypes.
Configuration of a Tiger database is very easy too - persistent classes and relations are defined easily in an XML file. Tiger uses jdbm for low-level persistance functionality, but is designed to be able to use other packages instead.
Like traditional databases, Tiger allows developers to:
  • save / update / delete objects
  • index objects
  • sort or filter objects
  • use aggregates
Tiger is growing into a full OO-Database system!

Please note that the current version of Tiger Objectbase
is Work In Progress and might be unstable